YES! You can live a life free of money worries!

There's nothing more discouraging than being in debt and constantly worrying about money. How will you pay the rent? Will the bill collectors ever stop harassing you? How can you stay ahead without another payday loan?

Fortunately, there is a way out of the money trap. We published The Money Guide to help people just like you. All you need is the desire to put your money problems behind you and a willingness to take control. Get your copy today, and we'll show you exactly how to eliminate money worries forever! Plus, you'll get full membership benefits from the Coupon & Savings Club FREE for an entire year!


Who can use The Money Guide?

The Coupon & Savings Club created The Money Guide specifically for people who have struggled with money problems. It's packed with real-world advice and information that just about anyone can use, especially:

  • Anyone who has used payday loans or other predatory lenders to make ends meet.
  • Individuals who struggle to make monthly rent or mortgage payments.
  • People who want to begin saving money, but don't know how to get started.
  • Everyone who worries how they'll buy groceries every week or pay the bills from month to month.
  • Anyone who is a victim of embarrassing phone calls or other harassment from debt collectors.
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Get the real-world tips and advice you need to conquer your money worries forever!

You have probably already discovered that there is very little you can do on your own to conquer the sources of your money problems. But, with The Money Guide and the power of the entire Coupon & Savings Club membership behind you, there's almost nothing you can't accomplish!

In just 108 pages, this amazing new book will change your entire outlook on money, bills and savings.

  • It will show you exactly how to stop the dangerous cycle of expensive payday loans that leaves you at the mercy of predatory lenders.
  • It will give you simple, easy-to-follow steps you can take to exercise your legal rights and get debt collectors off your back for good!
  • You'll learn the hidden secrets that "professional" coupon users use to save hundreds of dollars on their monthly shopping - including where they get the coupons with the biggest savings!
  • You'll get professional, easy-to-follow advice that you can use to take control of your spending and savings.
  • It will deliver proven, easy-to-use tools to help you make better decisions about money, spending, loans, savings plans and much more.
  • You'll learn how to stretch every dollar, so you'll have money left over for something special.
  • You'll hear how real people just like you overcame their challenges to get ahead of the money game.
Eliminate Money Worries, Get The Money Guide Now!

Your copy of The Money Guide includes online membership in the Coupon & Savings Club - Full membership benefits for an entire year for no additional charge!

When you purchase The Money Guide you'll also receive full member access to all the online resources offered by the Coupon & Savings Club, including all these great benefits:

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Membership gives you access to dozens of tools and resources that help you make the most of every dollar!

  • Access to coupons and special offers that will help you save $100 or more on shopping every month
  • Online tools and calculators that help you manage every aspect of your money, from loans and credit cards to savings and Social Security.
  • The latest news and information on savings, bills and spending to help you take control of your money.
  • Access to community support from thousands of members who can help you realize your dream of living life worry-free.

The Coupon & Savings Club really does change lives!

"I can't believe how easy it was to stop the embarrassing phone calls at work and put an end to all the harassment from bill collectors. The Club has already changed my life!"

Patricia L., Oakland, Calif.

"Amazing! With your coupon advice and resources I saved at least $80 in the first month alone and it was sooooo easy. Thank you thank you thank you!"

Dierdre C., Centennial, Colo.

The Money Guide

End your money worries forever!

Get your copy of The Money Guide and learn how easy it can be to take control of spending, bills and savings! This 108-page book is packed with real-world tips, advice and tools you can use to change your life today!

Plus, you'll receive instant access to all the online benefits available from the Coupon & Savings Club - including our entire library of money-saving coupon resources - FREE for an entire year!

Eliminate Money Worries, Get The Money Guide Now!

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